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Crack Repair and Reinforcement

Metalock and Metalace stitching processes restore both compressive and tensile strength to cracked and broken parts. The installation of these components will also seal and hold pressure. Masterlocks are used for a greater concentration of lock strength, a wide distribution of working stress and for the elimination of localized stress. New techniques have been developed that allow us to restore at least the original design strength to an affected area, regardless of the parent material.

Engineering Services / Project Management

ECRS engineers possess over 60 years of combined experience. In projects where a repair is not feasible, we can quickly re-design the old component and work with our shops or custom foundries to manufacture a new casting. Our engineers will then get the new part machined and returned to service faster than would have been possible through the OEM. We strive to save you money by demanding as little amount of downtime as possible. Our engineers are also available for design auditing and accident investigations.


ECRS is on the cutting edge of finite element analysis. FEA enables us to extensively analyze an area of concern. We can perform static and dynamic stress analysis, elastic and plastic deformation analysis, heat transfer and temperature analysis, fatigue analysis, vibration monitoring, estimating life, and much more. We are experienced in linear and non-linear loading as well as mechanical event simulation (MES). 

Portable Machining

Our on-site machining capabilities were the result of our need to provide additional support for our crack repair requirements. This work ranges from line boring operations, to very sophisticated operations that require the modification and/or design of specialized tools.

Operations performed in the field: Drilling, Boring, Facing, Honing, Milling

Our shops possess the necessary facilities and equipment to manufacture component parts, reclaim critical dimensions, recondition equipment components, and provide services far beyond that of crack repair. Each of our service centers are complete repair facilities that can handle your equipment repair requirements.