When a kiln tire is damaged or becomes compromised, the potential for further damage, downtime, and costs can increase exponentially if it isn’t addressed. ECRS Metalock professionals have years of experience in kiln tire repair, minimizing downtime while providing quality repair services. 

What We Offer

  • Rapid response time
  • Repair services that do not require the dismantling or removal of the kiln tire from the main assembly
  • In situ repair of damaged or structurally compromised kiln tires
  • Effective NDT (non-destructive testing) checks that can determine the extent of the issue without causing further damage
  • The use of efficient, high-quality welding consumables (including electrodes and wires) during repair
  • An automatic welding method that maintains quality and consistency from start to finish
  • Pre-heat and post-heat treating procedures to ensure a quality weld to the parent material

When your kiln tire develops cracks or other signs of damage, trust ECRS Metalock for a thorough, cost-effective, and swift repair process.

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